Our Approach

We understand that our clients want a broker they can trust to keep premiums under control while ensuring the business remains as fully protected as possible and that if the worst should happen claims are paid quickly and efficiently with the minimum of disruption to the business and its finances.

The systems we employ are established and effective, requiring the minimum of involvement on your part. Our aim is to remove the stress, not add to it.

We understand that cost is important, and you do not have a lot of time to spend on day-to-day insurance issues. That is why you can outsource that to us, whilst retaining overall control of the extent of cover and costs.

Our client base is diverse requiring a wide range of standard and specialist covers. We have an expert team with both the skills and experience that allow us to offer innovative solutions to insurance-related problems, particularly for businesses that seek to be the best in their sector.

Our relationship with our clients, many of whom have been with us for years, is built on trust and understanding and we work hard to ensure that the standards of service they have come to expect over many years are maintained and improved.

Where we excel is our approach to claims management; we win clients based on claims conversations because we understand and believe only by owning and controlling claims can you influence premium costs. To achieve this, we aim to get claims settled as quickly as possible on the most favourable terms; we also monitor the progress and management of all claims so we can identify potential areas of concern (often before our client does!)

We work with clients to identify and analyse claims patterns or areas where claims can be reduced/minimised which will help to control premium spend. If the risks in a business are well managed the premium can often be discounted to reflect this.

We would love to talk with you about how we can help protect your business, get in touch today.

Atom is a member of WTW Networks, which enables us to benefit from the expertise, relationships and global resources of WTW. WTW provides data-driven, insight-led solutions in the areas of people, risk and capital.

WTW Networks is made up of a select group of independent insurance brokers around the UK who are committed to providing the highest standards of service, professionalism and dedication to meet their client’s individual needs.

As a member of WTW Networks, we have access to a panel of leading global and specialist insurers, allowing us to provide our clients with a wide choice of cover at competitive rates. A number of these insurers offer exclusive cover, policy enhancements, or both, available to brokers who are members of WTW Networks.

Our membership of WTW Networks enables us to offer a compelling and competitive proposition for the benefit of our clients.

Learn more about WTW Networks here: wtwnetworks.com/your-broker-and-wtw-networks

**WTW (NASDAQ: WTW) provides data-driven, insight-led solutions in the areas of people, risk and capital. Leveraging the global view and local expertise of their colleagues serving 140 countries and markets, they help organizations sharpen their strategy, enhance organizational resilience, motivate their workforce and maximize performance.**

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Some of our frequently asked questions

What is an independent insurance broker?

Insurance brokers are wide and varied but in essence the role of an insurance broker is to advise customers on how and what to buy in terms of insurance products to protect their business and help them navigate the claims process.

An independent insurance broker is just that, they are not tied to a particular brand or insurer and there are no hidden commission agreements in place. An independent insurance broker gives advice based on their understanding of their client’s exposure to risk, their attitude to risk and the best solutions available, this can be insurance, risk management, or a combination of the two.

How do I buy business insurance?

Buying business insurance can feel complicated and time-consuming, so give us a call and let us do the work for you. We will ask a series of questions to build a picture of your business and its exposure to risk, we will also require information about the premises, processes and assets of the business and these will include turnover and wage roll but may also include building rebuild sums, as well as details of stock and contents. This information is used by the underwriter to assess the risk, premium and terms.

We will also ask you about your claim’s history, it helps if this is usually heavy on the detail as that allows us to analyse your claims history, pick up any ongoing claims and highlight areas where we can reduce the chances of similar claims recurring. Having this information prepared helps but it is not essential when we first speak.

We would also advise that you start looking at your insurance 2-3 months before it falls due, if you are considering moving insurer or broker as this give us plenty of time get under the skin of your business and complete our broking exercise, we can of course work to shorter timescales but it is nice not to have to rush.

Who are Atom Insurance Brokers?

Atom Insurance Brokers are a founder-led commercial insurance broker, based in Taunton. We win business based on the service and support we provide to our clients when they need it most.
Atom Insurance Brokers take away the stress of placing insurance cover and protecting your business as well as managing the claims process, so our clients get good value for money and excellent claims outcomes.

We do not treat insurance as a product but as a risk-management mechanism, we buy insurance on behalf of our clients, and they outsource the management of their insurance to us whilst retaining ultimate control of the coverage and cost.


Our reputation for integrity and honesty is at the heart of all we do, therefore we’re highly regarded by insurers.


We aim to build a personal relationship with every client we work with, which translates to great service.


We use our knowledge of insurance and risk transfer to get you the right cover at the right cost.

We’d love to talk with you about your insurance arrangements, please give us a call.

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